Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New "Replacement" Chicks are Growing Gangbusters!

30 chicks arrived on July 23. Hatched on July 21 at Ideal Hatchery, they include 10 Araucanas ("Easter egg" chickens, lay light green eggs), 10 Welsummers (chocolate brown eggs) and 10 Rhode Island Reds (brown egg layers). When they are big enough, they will join the flock that remains after the end-June coyote predation incidents that caused my daily gathering tally to go from 18-24, down to 4-6 eggs. The good news is that everyone is now happy and healthy, and the egg production is climbing again as the now 5 month old Rhode Island Red and Araucana pullets begin to lay. They're joining the ranks of my Dominique hens that have made up the laying flock since last year.

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